A Century of Change

The United States Geological Survey has been mapping this country for over a century. Here you can see the changes in the Reston area as recorded by the USGS since 1890.

Click on the appropriate links below to view the maps. They have been compressed but may take some time to download using a telephone modem. The dates given below are the dates when the actual survey took place. The publication dates where different are shown in parenthesis. Use the Back key to return to this page after viewing the map. All maps on this page are courtesy USGS.


1888 (1890)

1912 (1915)


1951 North (1954)

1951 South (1954)

1971 North

1971 South

1978 North (1980)

1978 South (1980)

Other old maps of the Washington area may be found on Before The Beltway.

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