There are numerous horse trails near Reston. The W&OD trail is a favorite and the horse trail portion extends from Vienna to Purcellville. The first 7 pictures show activities on that trail. Another trail extends from the W&OD trail near Wiehle Avenue through Lake Fairfax Park to Colvin Run Park where it joins the Fairfax Cross County Trail. The Fairfax Cross County Trail allows horses to travel from the Potomac River at Great Falls Park to Oakton. There are horse trails in Great Falls Park that connect to Riverbend Park where there are more horse trails. There are numerous horse trails along Hunter Mill Road that extend through private property using equestrian easements.

Horses are usually not afraid of bicycles. They can be scared by a group of joggers running past them in the opposite direction. They think the joggers are running away from some danger.

Horses also dislike slippery surfaces. Slime can form on the concrete portion of fair weather crossings making these crossings slippery. Certain bridge material can also be slippery. They prefer a rough surface rather than a smooth one.

The Fairfax County Trail Crossing at Route 7 and Colvin Run Road is a problem for horse riders and pedestrians alike. The traffic light interval is too short for pedestrians, there is no Walk button, and there is no place to wait for the light to change. Should a Walk button be installed it would be helpful if a Trot button could also be installed higher up so riders could reach it without dismounting.

These are the picnic grounds at Lake Fairfax Park. The horse trails to the park have been around for years. Click here for a key map showing horse trails leading to the park.






I envy the ability of horses to cross streams. There are a lot of trails I haven't walked because of water barriers. There are numerous horse trails near Difficult Run between Vale Road and Lawyers Road.

These riders are on the Twin Branches Trail near Barton Hill Road. The trail can get muddy east of here but that is no problem to the horses.

These riders are observing the ribbon cutting ceremonies for Trailfest 2006 at Oak Marr Park. The ceremony celebrated the construction of the Cross County Trail.







Beverly Dickerson, president of the Hunters Valley Riding Club is shown second from the right cutting the ribbon. The Hunters Valley Riding Club was a supporter of the construction of the Fairfax Cross County Trail and helps with trail maintenance south of Lawyers Road.


For more information on the Hunters Valley Riding Club and horse riding lessons and boarding at the Angelica Run Farm see the links section of this site.

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The pictures from here to the top were provided by Beverly Dickerson.