1. This walk starts at the Lake Audubon Pool parking lot on Twin Branches Road. Turn right onto the trail along Twin Branches Road. This section allows a good view of Lake Audubon.
  2. The asphalt trail crosses the Lake Audubon dam. Continue on the trail up to Glade Drive.
  3. At Glade Drive cross Twin Branches Road and take the service road pictured up the slight rise.
  4. On top of the rise go straight and do not take the path to the right. The service road descends towards the creek bed.
  5. The road enters the woods.
  6. The road splits. Take the road to the left that will take you across a bridge.
  7. The trail crosses a bridge. Continue on the trail.
  8. The trail crosses a dam at a retention basin. The dam has been damaged by erosion during the June 2006 flooding but is easily passable.
  9. On the other side of the dam go straight up the hill. Do not take the trails to the left or right. The trail up the hill stays dry under wet conditions but requires more hill climbing. The trail to the right is level but can be muddy at times. This walk does not follow the Cross County Trail in this section.
  10. The trail descends part of the hill on the wooden steps pictured. Turn left at the bottom of the steps. Do not go down to the trail along the bottom here.
  11. The trail climbs the hill again. It continues to follow the stream along the top of the hill near the houses.
  12. The trail descends another hill with a trail intersection to the left. Continue straight down the hill to join the Cross County Trail again.
  13. Follow the trail to the left at the bottom of the steps. The trail will remain relatively level for a while.
  14. A trail splits off to the left. Continue straight on the level trail.
  15. The trail crosses a bridge.
  16. After crossing the bridge the trail to the right leaves Reston and goes to Hunter Station Road through private property. Take the trail to the left that remains in Reston.
  17. At the next trail intersection there are 2 possible routes. The route to the left (short loop) goes behind the houses on Cross School Road. The route straight ahead (long loop) follows the W&OD trail for a short distance. The short loop continues in step 18. Skip to step 21 to follow the long loop.
  18. The short loop crosses a bridge and climbs a hill.
  19. Houses appear to the left of the trail. This utility terminal will confirm that you are on the short loop.
  20. This tree house will also confirm that you are on the short loop. About a block beyond this point the dirt trail will join an asphalt trail where you should turn left. The meeting with the asphalt trail joins the short and long loops together again. Go to point 27 in the directions.
  21. Continue on the current trail past trail intersections to the left and right to follow the long loop.
  22. The long loop joins the W&OD bike trail. Cross the paved bike trail and use the adjacent horse trail pictured. Take the trail to the left.
  23. The trail is separated from the bike trail by thick brush and goes up a hill.
  24. The trail becomes shaded and homes appear on the right.
  25. At the first asphalt trail crossing turn left. Within a few feet you will reach the bike trail. Turn left.
  26. After a very short distance take the asphalt trail to the right.
  27. The short and long loops rejoin in the woods on the asphalt trail. Turn left onto the asphalt trail if coming from the short loop. Go straight on the asphalt trail if coming from the long loop.
  28. The asphalt trail to the right goes to Sunrise Valley School. Stay on the current trail.
  29. The trail reaches Cross School Road. Cross the street and follow Midsummer Drive past the first house on the right..
  30. Turn right and follow the trail between the houses.
  31. The trail enters the woods and goes down the hill to the right.
  32. The trail crosses a bridge and starts up the hill on the other side. There are natural surface trails on both the left and right just prior to the bridge.
  33. The trail rejoins houses as it continues up the hill.
  34. The trail joins Wilder Point Lane. Turn right and follow the trail along the road.
  35. The trail turns right and follows Barton Hill Road.
  36. At the next street which is Harpers Square Court turn left and cross Barton Hill Road. Take the trail up the hill to the left.
  37. The trail rejoins houses part way up the hill.
  38. The trail follows along Solaridge Drive.
  39. Turn left at Twin Branches Road and follow the asphalt trail.
  40. At the next intersection cross to the sidewalk on the other side of Twin Branches Road and continue for a few blocks back to the Lake Audubon Pool parking lot.
  41. The walk ends at the Lake Audubon Pool.

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