Just about the first thing you must do with Media Center is to adjust the settings. Upon starting the Media Center there is no mention of settings. However, Windows Vista Help says that on the start screen , scroll to Tasks, click Settings, and then choose the category of settings that you wish to make. Going to the Vista screen I clicked on the Start icon and found no mention of Tasks. After some research I found that the help information refers to the Media Center start screen. The center of the screen should read "Recorded TV". Cursor down through "Sports" and "Online Media" and you will reach "Tasks". Look to the left and you will then see "Settings". Select that and you can then choose the settings that you wish to make. You may wish to cursor throughout the Media Center start screen as there is a variety of functions available in each dimension, not just left and right. For instance, there is a capability to listen to FM broadcasts if you have the right PCI card in your PC.

The confusion lies in the fact that users think of the Vista Start icon rather than the Media Center start screen. I hope that helped. Hopefully, the Microsoft help wording may get revised to make this clearer.

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