This is Oscar, a Westie. He was charming everyone on the Bright Pond walk. He was 4-months old when this picture was taken (4/29/2007) and came from a breeder in Pennsylvania. He was such a fast mover I was unable to get any other pictures in focus on that day.










We met Oscar again in September at the age of 9 months. We could see him up ahead waiting for us to give us his best greeting. He had just finished socializing with a german shepherd and appears to be best friends with many dogs and people on the trail. Their is a certain bond between people and dogs and it couldn't be stronger than with Oscar. He will leave you thinking that he is your best friend. He still moves fast but this time I took more pictures.











You may be able to find Oscar around point 5 on the Bright Pond Trail. Click here for a map of the trail route.












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