Robert E Lee and Jesse James Poodles are quite intelligent and make good walking companions. Meet Robert E. Lee, the white male poodle and Jesse James, the black female poodle. You can probably guess which one is the thief.





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Jesse James started out with the name Jesse until Bert, the owner, found his shoes missing. He finally found them out in the back yard. He discovered that Jesse was taking them and carrying them outside through the dog door. At that point Jesse became Jesse James. You can meet Bert and his dogs between points 16 and 17 on the Lake Mercer trail. Bert was wounded in the knee during the Vietnam war and walks his dogs here often to keep his knees healthy. Click on the picture to learn about the South Run RECenter where the Lake Mercer loop walk and the walk to Burke Lake (Burke Lake East) start. Also, a link is provided below to the Hooes Road East walk which covers the eastern portion of the South Run Stream Valley but does not start from the South Run RECenter..








South Run RECenter
Lake Mercer
Burke Lake East
Hooes Road East


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