Navy Federal Credit Union

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Navy Federal Credit Union walk

Length: 3.2 miles

Surface: paved with very short grassy or mulched sections.

Exposure: sun with some shade

Surroundings: woods, homes, streets, buildings


  1. The walk starts at the parking lot of the Vienna Community Center. Take the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail towards Park Street and cross that street at the crosswalk.
  2. Continue on the W&OD Trail on the other side of Park Street as it climbs a slight uphill grade.
  3. Continue on the W&OD Trail past the trail intersection on the left next to a bench.
  4. Continue on the W&OD Trail past the connection to Talahi Road on the right.
  5. Turn left at the next trail intersection. The trail enters the woods.
  6. The trail crosses a bridge over Wolftrap Creek. The trail follows the creek on the right.
  7. Turn right at the next asphalt trail intersection to continue following the creek.
  8. The trail reaches Follin Lane. Turn right and follow the sidewalk along that road.
  9. The sidewalk ends at an entrance to a building. Cross the entrance, turn left and cross Follin Lane and walk along the asphalt path along the entrance to the Navy Federal Credit Union.
  10. After walking only a few feet turn left and cross the entrance road using the crosswalk to the path marked by the sign "Ward Walk". That walkway enters the woods and turns right to follow the entrance to the parking area.
  11. At the next trail intersection turn left and continue along the boardwalk into the woods.
  12. At the next trail intersection turn left to continue on the boardwalk. Do not continue straight along the concrete connecting path.
  13. The walk continues around the back of the property next to the parking area.
  14. The path enters the front of the property. At the point where the Ward Walk crosses the entrance road in a crosswalk leave the formal trail and continue straight along the grass with the entrance road on the right.
  15. Turn left at Electric Avenue and follow the sidewalk along that road for one block. The town of Vienna ends at the start of the sidewalk.
  16. Cross Chestertown Drive, then turn right and cross Electric Avenue in the crosswalk. Continue walking along the sidewalk along Chestertown Drive.
  17. Turn left at the intersection with Richelieu Drive (the second intersecting road) and follow the sidewalk along the road.
  18. Turn left at the end of Richelieu Drive and follow the sidewalk to the end of Matraux Drive.
  19. Take the asphalt trail at the end of Matraux Drive. After a few feet turn right at the trail intersection and take the mulched trail with fences on both sides.
  20. Turn right and follow the next trail (the W&OD Trail).
  21. The trail enters Vienna. Continue straight on the W&OD Trail.
  22. Upon nearing Park Street take the trail to the left to cross Park Street in the crosswalk. The Community Center marks the end of the walk.

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