These are pictures of the 2008 walk for the Reston Museum. This year the walk started at the Tall Oaks Village Center and covered the Uplands area including the Buttermilk Creek Trail. One of the places visited was the site of a gas distribution station explosion in 1974 that completely demolished the building.

Crossing a bridge over the outlet stream from Lake Anne. A walking stick was handy on the uneven surface of the Buttermilk Creek Trail.
Crossing Becontree Lane. The Buttermilk Creek Trail turns left here to remain in Reston.
The route map was checked here. Near the site of the building that exploded.
About to turn onto Saffold Way. A portion of the walking group including the photographer.

The yellow circles are to help define the route.

Map of our walk route.This route is not currently on this site in more detail. However, by walking the Tall Oaks route and the Buttermilk Creek route you will cover essentially the same trails.

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