Lake Newport Pool

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Elevation profile

Elevation Profile of Walk

Lake Newport Pool

Length: 2.0 miles

Maximum elevation change: 90 feet

Surface: paved trail and sidewalks

Exposure: sun and shade

Surroundings: lake, homes, roads, fields


This walks starts from the parking area at the first intersection to the left on Browns Chapel Road coming from Baron Cameron Avenue.

  1. Follow the path on the East Side of the parking area past the front of the small office building heading north towards the lake. The path turns left and follows the shoreline of the lake on the right with houses on the left.
  2. Another asphalt trail intersects with the right side going to a dock. Continue straight on the present path.
  3. The path crosses Lake Newport Road and goes down a hill on the other side of that road.
  4. The path turns left upon reaching Lake Newport.
  5. The path goes up a hill between homes.
  6. The path intersects with Greenwich Point Road. After crossing that road turn left and follow the sidewalk along that road.
  7. The sidewalk ends at North Village Road. Cross that road and take the asphalt trail to the left up the hill along that road with the road to the left.
  8. The trail intersects with Lake Newport Road for a second time. Cross that road and turn right to follow the asphalt trail along that road turning left at the first trail intersection to enter the pool parking area.
  9. Follow the sidewalk along the pool parking area. After passing the pool turn left at the first asphalt trail leading from the parking area.
  10. At the next trail intersection turn right. There should be trees on the left and a field on your right.
  11. The trail leads into a concrete sidewalk in front of homes along Bennington Woods Court. Continue straight until the next sidewalk. Turn left to walk between the homes.
  12. The trail joins a sidewalk in front of homes on Stowe Court. After passing the homes turn right to follow the path along the entrance road.
  13. Cross Bennington Woods Road and take the sidewalk along the West Side of Stowe Road.
  14. At the end of Stowe Road take the wide asphalt trail down the steep hill.
  15. At the asphalt trail intersection turn left. Follow that trail with Baron Cameron Avenue on your right.
  16. An asphalt trail intersects from the left. Continue straight on the present trail following Baron Cameron Avenue.
  17. The trail goes down the hill through a small meadow with a water-retaining basin on the left. The picture for this location shows a large butterfly feasting on the wildflowers in the meadow.
  18. The path crosses North Village Road. It then passes tennis courts on the left.
  19. Turn left at the parking area access road to return to the start of this walk.

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