Lake Newport

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Lake Newport

Length: 1.0 mile

Surface: paved trail and sidewalks

Exposure: sun and shade

Surroundings: lake, homes, woods, fields


This path starts from the parking area at the first intersection to the left on Browns Chapel Road coming from Baron Cameron Avenue.

  1. Follow the path on the East Side of the parking area past the front of the small office building heading north towards the lake.
  2. The path turns left and follows the shoreline of the lake with homes on the left.
  3. Another path intersects with the right side going to a dock and the left side to North Village Road. Continue straight on the present path. This leads into the woods to the right of the home at the path intersection.
  4. The path crosses Lake Newport Road. The path on the other side is adjacent to a driveway.
  5. The path turns left at the shoreline. It then enters a wooded area and follows a driveway up the hill.
  6. The path crosses Grenwich Point Road. The path on the other side is to the right of the storm drain shown in the photo.
  7. The path goes between the houses and turns left at the shoreline.
  8. The path turns right to follow the shoreline again. Do not take the narrow path to the left.
  9. The path follows the shore at this point with flowering shrubs on the left. It will soon cut between the homes to the east. Do not take the narrow private path to the left.
  10. The path emerges between the homes ending at a sidewalk on Waterfront Road. Take the sidewalk to the right.
  11. Watch for the end of the houses across the street. The path starts on the opposite side of the street just after the last house. Do not follow the sidewalk beyond this point.
  12. The birdhouses pictured will confirm that you are on the correct path.
  13. The path turns and follows the edge of a baseball field.
  14. The path enters the Browns Chapel recreation area. Turn right at the first path.
  15. The path is adjacent to a basketball court on the left.
  16. The path crosses the Lake Newport dam.
  17. This area to the right of the path appears to be suitable for fishing.
  18. On the other side of the dam go straight and walk down a short flight of stairs into the parking area where you started.

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