Lake Fairfax and Vicinity

Lake Fairfax and Vicinity

The above map covers the whole region between the major roads surrounding Lake Fairfax Park. It is too wide to print in normal fashion on most printers. Normal size maps of all the walks involving Lake Fairfax are available as part of the walk guides.

Should you wish to print the above map it will be necessary to use the landscape mode of your printer rather than the normal portrait mode. Click on the link below to view 2 split maps of the park prepared for printing. Press Ctl P to bring up the properties window for your printer and select Landscape. Click on OK twice to print the map. After printing the map close the browser window to return to this page. (Macintosh users may need to press a different key combination to bring up the printer properties screen.)

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There are 3 different walks to choose from involving Lake Fairfax Park. One walk starts at the intersection of the Washington and Old Dominion Trail with Michael Faraday Ct. A second walk starts within the Park and goes to Colvin Run Mill. The third walk circles Lake Fairfax leaving the park and utilizing some of the Reston pathway system. Park campers wishing to walk to a nearby shopping center (Tall Oaks) may wish to try this walk

The route from the W&OD Trail to Lake Fairfax is utilized by mountain bikers as part of a connection to Difficult Run. The bikers leave the W&OD route at point 17 on that map and continue to Colvin Run Mill starting at Point 1 on that route map. They join the Fairfax County Connector Trail near Colvin Run Mill where Colvin Run meets with Difficult Run. A trail guide to the section of the Fairfax County Connector Trail along Difficult Run between Colvin Run Mill and Leigh Mill Road will be published on this site in the future.

Click on any of the following links to view the walks entering Lake Fairfax Park:

W&OD Trail

Colvin Mill Run

Walk Around Lake Fairfax

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