This walk will take you along a large part of the Lake Audubon shore line. It also includes a section of Lake Thoreau at the dam. This is probably the best route for watching lake activities in Reston.

The walk starts at the Starbucks across from the Sun Trust Bank in the South Lakes Village Center.

  1. Follow the sidewalk away from the shopping center with the bank on your left. After crossing some driveways the sidewalk becomes an asphalt trail.
  2. Upon reaching South Lakes Drive turn right to continue following the asphalt trail along South Lakes Drive. Lake Thoreau will shortly appear on your right.
  3. Turn left at the next intersecting asphalt trail. The trail passes under South Lakes Drive in a tunnel.
  4. After leaving the tunnel the trail crosses a driveway to a school on the left. It also passes an asphalt trail on the left. Shortly after this turn right to cross Ridge Heights Road and take the asphalt trail along Owls Cove Lane.
  5. The asphalt trail turns to the right. Continue straight along Owls Cove Lane using the concrete sidewalk.
  6. At the end of Owls Cove Lane turn right to follow a trail down the steps.
  7. The trail will bring you out at Lake Audubon and turn left to follow the lake.
  8. The Lake Audubon dam can be seen in the distance from here.
  9. After climbing a short hill in a wooded area turn right to follow an intersecting trail down a long series of steps to the base of the dam.
  10. After crossing the dam the trail turns right to pass through the woods. It crosses a stream on a bridge and turns right.
  11. Continue straight at the next stairway but notice the homes on the left. They are 5 stories tall and have elevators.
  12. Continue straight at the intersecting asphalt trail. There are good views of the lake from here.
  13. The trail enters the Lake Audubon Pool parking lot. There is a boat ramp on the right.
  14. Exit the pool parking lot and turn left on the asphalt trail walking up a hill along Twin Branches Road.
  15. Cross Twin Branches Road at Lake Audubon Court in order to stay on the asphalt trail as it follows the other side of the road.
  16. Twin Branches Road intersects with South Lakes Drive. You can either cross to the South Lakes Village Center at the traffic light to end the walk or turn right on the asphalt trail along South Lakes Drive to utilize a pedestrian tunnel avoiding the traffic.
  17. Turn left at the intersecting asphalt trail and walk down the hill and through the tunnel under South Lakes Drive.
  18. After leaving the tunnel you are at the end of the walk in the South Lakes Village Center.

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