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Lake Anne School

Length: 2.5 miles

Surface: paved trail and sidewalks

Exposure: sun and shade

Surroundings: residential streets, plaza with shops, woods, lake


  1. The trail begins at the southwest corner of North Shore Drive and Fairway Drive. Take the sidewalk west on North Shore Drive so that Lake Anne school is across the street on your right.
  2. The first street on your right will be Wainwright Drive. Cross North Shore Drive and take the sidewalk along the east side of Wainwright Drive.
  3. After climbing the hill on Wainwright Drive and crossing one street at Coleson Cluster there will be an asphalt path adjacent to a swimming pool. Turn right and follow the asphalt path down the hill past the swimming pool.
  4. The trail turns left and crosses a bridge just prior to the tot lot shown. After the bridge it turns right and continues in the original direction. The trail will follow the creek from this point on down to Lake Anne. There will be numerous paved side trails but continue straight on this trail.
  5. Take the trail to the right at this wooden barrier. The creek is underground in a pipe prior to this barrier. The creek will now be visible on your left until Lake Anne.
  6. The trail enters a tunnel under North Shore Drive. The tall building is Huron House. After the tunnel the trail jogs slightly to the right and follows the water.
  7. Turn left and cross this bridge towards the Huron House. Continue on the trail into the shopping plaza.
  8. Turn left at the water and walk along the shops until the water ends.
  9. Turn right towards the fountain in the plaza. The water will be on your right.
  10. Walk up the steps at the end of the plaza, cross the road, and follow the asphalt trail straight ahead. Do not take the asphalt trail to the right.
  11. The trail enters a tunnel under Moorings Drive.
  12. After exiting the tunnel, take the trail to the right up the steep hill. The trail turns to the right near the top of the hill.
  13. Follow the wide trail to the covered bridge and cross the bridge.
  14. After the bridge turn right to follow the asphalt path along the left side of the creek bed.
  15. Follow the trail along the creek bed with buildings on your left.
  16. Upon reaching Lake Anne take the trail to the left up the grassy hill.
  17. At the top of the hill take the sidewalk along Inlet Court. Cross to the sidewalk on the Lake Anne side of the road where convenient.
  18. Just prior to the intersection with Wiehle Avenue take the paved asphalt trail to the right. This will follow Wiehle Avenue across the Lake Anne dam.
  19. After crossing the dam the trail starts up a hill. Take the wide asphalt trail to the right between the houses. The narrower trail to the left continues along Wiehle Avenue.
  20. The trail emerges between the houses. Take the sidewalk to the right along South Shore Road.
  21. The asphalt path starts at the other end of South Shore Road and is just beyond the storm drain in the photo.
  22. The path cuts between the houses and comes out onto a sidewalk along Greenbriar Court.
  23. Follow the sidewalk along Greenbriar Court to the other end of the street. Turn right on the paved asphalt trail there.
  24. This asphalt trail has Lake Anne on the right and houses on the left. It leads to another concrete sidewalk and more houses on the right.
  25. Follow the sidewalk in front of the houses along Orchard Lane.
  26. At the end of the houses the sidewalk turns into an asphalt trail again and the Huron House can be seen through the trees across Lake Anne on the right.
  27. Just beyond the playground shown take the wide asphalt trail to the left. The trail to the right goes back towards the Huron House.
  28. The trail follows a wooded area up a hill. Houses are on the left and woods on the right. Other houses may be seen through the woods.
  29. The trail emerges between 2 groups of buildings. Stay straight on the trail.
  30. The trail enters a tunnel under Fairway Drive. Upon exiting the tunnel you will be back at the starting point of the trail.

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