Hunters Woods

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Hunters Woods

Length: 3.3 miles

Surface: paved trail and sidewalks

Exposure: shade and sun

Surroundings: woods, homes, streets


This walk starts at the Glade Recreation parking lot at Glade Drive and Soapstone Drive and visits both the Glade Stream and the Snakeden Branch. Most of the walk is wooded with the exception being in the vicinity of Hunters Woods Elementary School. There the walk follows existing streets for a short distance.

  1. Starting at the Glade Pool parking lot take the trail on the south side of Glade Drive leading directly away from the tennis courts. The trail leads away from Glade Drive with houses on the left.
  2. Near the bottom of the hill take the first paved trail to the right.
  3. The trail turns to the left and a paved trail appears to the right. Take the trail to the right. It will curve to the left and eventually continue in the same direction as the previous trail.
  4. A paved trail appears on the left. Continue straight on the existing trail. It will begin to curve to the left to follow the Glade Stream.
  5. After several more curves in the trail it turns left, crosses the Glade Stream, and turns right to follow the stream.
  6. A trail crosses a narrow bridge over the stream to the right. Stay straight on the current path but take the next right turn leading to a crossing of Steeplechase Drive.
  7. Take the stairs on the other side of Steeplechase Drive, cross the stream and follow the path with a house on the right.
  8. At the next trail intersection the current trail ends. Take the paved trail to the right.
  9. The trail goes up a hill. Take the next paved trail to the right. It will turn to the right again leading between houses.
  10. The trail reaches Steeplechase Drive and turns left to follow the road. It then crosses Trotter Lane.
  11. The trail crosses Steeplechase Drive and continues in the same direction on the other side next to the school.
  12. Turn right at the corner and follow the sidewalk along Colts Neck Road.
  13. The sidewalk crosses both driveways leading into the parking area for Hunters Woods School.
  14. After crossing the second entrance to the school take the first asphalt trail leading to the right off of the sidewalk. After a short distance turn right onto the next asphalt trail.
  15. The trail turns left to enter a tunnel under Glade Drive. Do not take the trail to the right prior to the tunnel.
  16. The trail emerges from the tunnel and intersects with Shire Court. Cross the street and follow the sidewalk on the other side continuing in the same direction with the buildings on your right.
  17. Shire Court ends in a circle. The sidewalk leads into an asphalt trail alongside a tennis court and enters the woods.
  18. The trail goes down a hill, turns left and crosses Snakeden Branch on a bridge.
  19. At the next trail intersection turn right. There will be townhouses on your left.
  20. After a very short distance turn right at the next trail intersection. Again the townhouses will be on your left with woods on your right.
  21. After another short distance turn right. You will be shortly crossing the Snakeden Branch again and townhouses will be on your right.
  22. A paved trail branches to the right. Continue on the present trail.
  23. Another trail branches to the right. Continue on the present trail as it turns slightly to the left. Within a short distance another trail intersection appears. Take the trail to the left behind the houses.
  24. A trail intersects from the right. Continue straight on the present trail.
  25. The trail climbs a slight hill and intersects with a trail from the right. Continue on the present trail as it turns slightly to the left.
  26. The trail crosses another trail. Continue straight on the present trail.
  27. A trail intersects to the right and goes up steps. Continue on the present trail. A short distance later a trail goes to the left into a tunnel. Go straight on the present trail and continue up the hill with the houses on the right.
  28. The trail reaches the starting point at the Glade Recreation area parking lot.

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