Good choice - Bridge #1 is correct

Another view of the bridge with the white building in the background.How do I know? One of the news articles on the web has a tiny picture of the bridge with a white building in the background. This is the only bridge next to a white building. The building was painted green in 2007. This is not the bridge that was shown in the movie 'Breach'.






Bridge from the side.Take a look at the bridge from the side to see how a package could be easily left under the bridge.








Notice that these homes can observe activities at the bridge.Take a look from the other side of the bridge near the white building. Notice that several houses overlook the park and can easily observe the bridge. The advantage of this location is that it is close to a road with a sidewalk and can be accessed while taking a casual stroll.





The sign used to indicate that the drop had been made.This is the sign where tape was placed to indicate that the material had been dropped off. The sign is across the street from the bridge that was used. This is the sign that appears in the movie 'Breach'. Robert Hanssen would not have walked down this trail to reach the actual bridge that was used.




Congratulations on locating the scene of the crime.

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