For the location of the parking area for this walk click here for a link to Google Maps.

This walk starts from a small parking area at the end of the paved portion of Hunters Valley Road. The dirt road beyond Leeds Road is not open to motorized vehicles. The walk between points 1 and 2 on the map is not part of the CCT. It is included in the mileage stated for this section. If not starting from the parking area subtract 0.1 miles from each direction of travel. (One way travel would be 0.9 miles on this section.)

  1. (North) Go down the dirt road at the end of the paved section of Hunters Valley Road.
    (South) The dirt road ends at the parking area at Leeds Road.
  2. (North) The CCT is on the other side of the bridge crossing Difficult Run. Turn right to follow the CCT with a fence on your left-hand side. If you came from a previous section of the CCT simply cross the road and go straight with the fence on your left.
    (South) The trail intersects with a road and a bridge crossing over Difficult Run. If you are parking on Hunters Valley Road turn left and go up the hill. To proceed to the next section of trail go straight on the other side of the road keeping Difficult Run on your left. Use the directions for the next section of the CCT from this point on.
  3. (North) The trail enters the woods.
    (South) The trail leaves the woods and passes a fenced area for horses.
  4. (North) This is a difficult trail junction. The trail that goes straight along the creek is shorter and makes a fairly easy creek crossing. The directions here are for the official route so turn left and follow the trail up the hill as posted on the signs.
    (South) Follow the trail all the way down the hill to the intersecting trail along the creek and turn right at the sign. Once you have traveled this section a few times you may notice some short cuts here.
  5. (North) Turn right with the arrow on the sign at the intersecting trail. This trail will lead back to Difficult Run through a somewhat muddy section. Notice a spring on the right that feeds a creek that the CCT is bypassing.
    (South) Turn left at the sign at the trail intersection and follow the trail down to Difficult Run.
  6. (North) The trail approaches Difficult Run after passing through a muddy area. Turn left onto the intersecting trail to again head away from Difficult Run.
    (South) The trail approaches Difficult Run. The trail that intersects and follows Difficult Run to the right is shorter but has a stream crossing. The CCT takes a sharper right to follow a trail away from Difficult Run through a slightly muddy area but no stream crossing. Notice a spring on your left that is the source of the stream that the CCT is avoiding.
  7. (North) At the next trail intersection turn right to follow the markings on the CCT sign. After a short distance at the next trail intersection turn left at the CCT sign. The arrow on that sign is somewhat confusing but indicates that the trail to the left will swing around and climb the hill to the right. Do not take the trail directly to the right as it climbs a steeper grade.
    (South) After descending the hill turn right at the next trail intersection. After a short distance turn left at the next trail intersection to head toward Difficult Run.
  8. (North) Turn sharply left at the trail intersection at the top of the hill. The trail will follow the top of the hill for a distance.
    (South) Look for a trail intersecting from the right after passing the last house on the left. Turn sharply to the right and head down the hill.
  9. (North)(South) The trail passes between houses on both sides.
  10. (North) The trail descends a hill.
    (South) The trail climbs a hill.
  11. (North) The trail crosses Little Difficult Run on stones. This is a difficult crossing for casual walkers and ends this section of this walk. The CCT turns left to follow the stream on the other side.
    (South) People coming from the northern section of the CCT will need to make a difficult stream crossing here. After crossing Little Difficult Run follow the trail as it climbs a hill away from the stream.

Pictorial Directions

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