This walk will take you around Burke Lake on a wide natural surface trail that is mostly level. It is suitable for walking, jogging, and bicycling. Much of the park is in the woods and there are few obvious landmarks to photograph. However, the trail is wide and very obvious and there should be no problem following it.

There are a number of other family attractions which are shown in a pictorial report following the trail photos. There is an entrance fee during peak times for non-Fairfax County residents.

  1. The walk starts from the Section A parking lot (see map). The path is just south of the playground equipment adjacent to the lot. Follow the asphalt path directly away from the parking lot with an open field on your right.
  2. Turn left after a very short distance at the first intersecting path. There is a large white arrow marking the turn.
  3. The path crosses a road. Continue straight on the path.
  4. The path crosses the entrance to the marina parking lot. The asphalt portion of the path ends at this point. After reaching the lake take the natural surface path to the left.
  5. The path passes the amphitheater on the left.
  6. The path curves to follow a small inlet.
  7. The path reaches the road where it crosses a stream at one end of the lake.
  8. After crossing the stream along the road take the path to the right to continue along the lake.
  9. The path enters a wilderness camping area that is often used by Boy Scouts.
  10. The bench shown is near Vesper Island. The island may be seen to the left of the bench.
  11. The trail enters a cleared area with a dam on the right. The asphalt trail to the left leads out of the park. Take the wide trail to the dam.
  12. The trail crosses the dam.
  13. The trail takes several turns after crossing the dam. A paved portion begins.
  14. The trail leads into a parking lot for fishing. Turn right and follow the wide natural surface trail along the lake.
  15. After a short distance the trail turns left and crosses the road.
  16. The trail curves to the left, then to the right and returns to the playground area where the walk started. The parking lot is on the left.

There are a number of family attractions at the park.

  1. An 18-hole golf course is available by a separate entrance from Route 123.
  2. A miniature train offers a view of the first portion of the walking trail.
  3. An ice cream parlor will help to replace those calories burned on the trail.
  4. Playground equipment is available at several locations and is popular with dads and kids.
  5. The carrousel usually draws a crowd.
  6. There is a free frisbee golf course but bring your own frisbee.
  7. Boat rentals are available at the marina.


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