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The above map shows the walking time in minutes to the Burke Centre Railroad Station from various points along 2 new trails connecting the station to the Commons and Woods sections of Burke Centre. A walking speed of 2.2 mph was measured which is probably slower than the average walker maintains. There is only a slight grade along the trail to the east while the other trail descends a hill. Both trails are partially shaded making them a desirable option versus driving.

Building a new station and parking garage will help to switch more commuters to public transist. The planners showed good sense adding these trails that connect more residents to the station via 2 new bridges over local streams.

A westbound train passes through the station returning from the morning commuter run.
The station and parking garage just prior to completion. Notice the beautiful clock tower.
This bridge enables residents of the Woods section to easily walk to the station. A similar bridge connects the Commons section to the station.
The new trail is on the left. Existing trails are in the middle and on the right.

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