About This Site.

One of Reston, Virginia’s nicest features is its many trails. There are over 55 miles of paved and natural surface pathways in Reston and over 800 acres of common ground featuring woods, meadows and wetlands. The Reston Association maintains the common ground and pathways. This site has been created to provide a guide to the exploration of this area on foot. In 2001 it has been expanded to include other areas of interest within easy driving distance of Reston for walkers and runners.

A steady diet of walking can be very beneficial to your health. Most of the routes shown here can be walked in an hour or less (including return time on one way trails). Assume an average speed of about 3 miles per hour on the paved trails and a slower pace on the natural surface trails. The routes will cover both paved and natural surface trails. Some routes are sunny in spots but others are completely shaded. The trail names listed on this site are descriptive as the trails do not have official names assigned.

A map of each route is provided along with written directions. Photos are also provided of major points or interesting sightings along the way. Photos were taken in early spring on some of the wooded trails in order to show the surroundings better without the leaf cover. My wife Judith and I have walked every trail on this site so you may be sure the trails existed at some point in time. The photographs are offered as proof of our presence.

The images were originally kept small to minimize page-loading times using access via telephone lines. Newer walks feature larger images now that most users have high speed access to the Internet.

There have been changes to some of the trails on this site. There are so many maps I have been unable to bring all of them up to date. Also, as I grow older I am no longer able to walk as far or negotiate some of the more rugged trails. In general, the maps will still get you going in the right direction and the pictures will show you what to expect along the walk.

I still plan to publish more walks in the future.

Please see the Comments page for information on contacting me. I will be happy to try to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

I hope you enjoy your walks as much as I do.

R. Douglas Pew - webmaster - June 2012

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